I design & develop for the web and mobile devices.

Webdesign &development

I provide help with WordPress troubleshooting, configuration, widget and plugin installation, high end optimization.

Theme Design

From Theme Development and design through theme installation and to theme customization, I do it all.

WordPress Theme Development

WordPress themes built to match your unique requirements.

I build WordPress themes from scratch using the latest development best practices. My role as a WordPress developer is to ensure the tool meets your business needs. Often that requires more than plugins and themes. So I also build successful WordPress-powered websites for businesses.

wordpress customization

Web Design

I design websites to be simple, beautiful and usable.

responsive layout

I believe that the best designs are those in which nothing else can be taken away. If you remove the graphical clutter your message can shine through.


Built with responsive styling in mind rather than making it an after thought.

Finaly, you can rest assured knowing your site will look crisp & amazing no matter the display your user is on.

HTML To WordPress

HTML to WordPress is the process of taking a static HTML website and integrating the WordPress CMS.

By integrating WordPress you will be able to update the site using the WordPress system, without having to know any code. From then on you will be able to add text, images, pages, blog posts and edit nearly any other area of your site from inside the easy to use system.

HTML to WordPress

PSD to WordPress

If you need a PSD to WordPress service then I can help. I can take PSD files or other graphic formats and turn them into WordPress themes.

The WordPress theme will be coded using the latest best practices and techniques. SEO is always taken into account as are page load times.

Hire Me

If you're looking for a service that is not listed above, just contact me

psd to wordpress